What your Partner Can Do to Help Turn you On

Erectile dysfunction can pose challenges to your sex life as well as to your self-esteem. Fortunately, there are still things your partner can do to help turn you on if you struggle to get or maintain an erection. By avoiding negative behaviors and engaging in behaviors that turn you on, your partner can help ensure that your sex lie still sizzles even after an ED diagnosis.

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Many couples consider intercourse to be the only satisfying type of sex. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of seeing ED as a curse, use your condition as a catalyst to explore alternative ways of getting sexual pleasure from your partner. You may not need to achieve an erection in order to get pleasure from mutual masturbation. In particular, many partners enjoy touching the penis with their hands or with their mouths. This may turn you on more than you expect. Integrating an element of surprise can also help; some men get turned on by their partners sneaking up behind them and touching their penis while whispering in their ear.

Studies have shown that men get turned off by strong perfumes. So if you are struggling with erectile dysfunction, your partner may be able to help turn you on by wearing less perfume. If your partner is an avid wearer of perfume, try to encourage them to use less. Scents that are too strong could be disruptive when trying to withhold your erection.

There is a strong correlation between depression and erectile dysfunction. Men who feel ignored by their partners when talking about their depressed, sad or angry feelings are at greater risk of erectile dysfunction than those who feel heard by their partner. Thus, if you are struggling with erectile dysfunction, take a closer look at what’s going on outside of the bedroom. Your partner may be able to turn you on by looking at you while you speak and listening closely to what you are saying. In addition, listening can help reduce conflicts; fighting can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Sometimes a different and more relaxing environment can help stimulate erectile function. In order to turn you on, your partner may want to surprise you with a reservation to a romantic getaway. While you’re away, spend time relaxing together so that you bond as a couple and reduce stress.Erectile dysfunction can have both psychological and physical causes. If you’re having a hard time maintaining an erection, see your doctor. Regardless of the cause of your problems, your partner can help turn you on so that you continue to have a satisfying sex life.