In today’s world, staying healthy is a daily challenge. We are constantly assaulted by microwaves from mobile phones, and airborne chemical pollutants. There is mercury in our fillings and vaccines, fluoride in our drinking water and in all the foods and drinks that contain fluoridated water, artificial and synthetic ingredients in much or our foods, and harmful chemicals in the millions of plastic containers used for their packaging.

Let’s not forget all the synthetic materials used in the manufacture of clothing, flooring, house wares, paints, laundry products and antibacterial soaps. Cosmetics and sunscreen products are full of chemicals. Over the counter and prescription medicines are advertised and pushed on us as though our life depended on them. Sometimes, the list of harmful products seems to be almost endless.

So what can you do to minimize the harm when all you have is your God given immune system and healing capability? What can you do to live out your life as a healthy human being? You might be surprised at how much control you have over your health — and how much you can strengthen your immune system and support your ability to heal, in spite of all the challenges. That’s why this website devotes so much space to nutrition.