Dental Advice Consultation

Are you looking for biological and holistic solutions for your dental concerns? Would you like the peace of mind that comes from resolving your dental concerns with personalized dental advice? If your answer is “yes”, then please join me for a Biological Dental Advice Consultation.

My goal will be to answer as many of your questions as possible, with a focus on biologically safer, holistic, treatment solutions that apply to your particular problem.

​Since I have no financial interest in what I recommend, I can be completely objective with my recommendations. That may save you a lot of money because you will learn which traditional dental treatments to avoid – treatments that are not necessarily in the best interests of your health, and which dental treatments to accept – treatments that are likely to help you safely resolve your dental problem, and also, may result in a surprising improvement in your long-term health. If you choose to see another dentist, rather than your current one, I can help you find a new dentist. Sending me a copy of any recent dental x-rays will help me to better understand your specific dental problem.*

Whether it’s a second opinion or a holistic dental solution for your current dental problem, why wait any longer to get the answers you have been seeking? Get started now by completing the Holistic Dental Advice Consultation Form below. You can pay for the consultation now or later. However, payment must be made before the consultation. After you have paid, please contact me to arrange a day and time for your consultation.