Amalgam side effects

Amalgam side effects

Why do amalgam dental fillings have side effects? Amalgam dental fillings, often called “silver” dental fillings, have side effects primarily because they contain mercury. Mercury is the most toxic or poisonous, non radioactive substance on earth. It is more toxic than lead, cadmium, or arsenic. To find a substance more toxic than mercury, you have … Read more

Amalgam chelation

amalgam chelation

What exactly does amalgam chelation mean? To understand what amalgam chelation means, it is helpful to first understand the general meaning of chelation. In its simplest definition, chelation refers to the ability of a chemical compound to grab on to a metal and bind to the metal in such a way that the metal atom … Read more

Amalgam poisoning

dental amalgam poisoning

The dental profession has been using fillings containing mercury, commonly called silver fillings by most dentists, since the 1830’s! Yes, these fillings were in general use well before the civil war. Dentists also call these fillings ‘amalgams’ or ‘amalgam fillings’ referring to the fact that any mixture of mercury with other metals is called an … Read more