What your Partner Can Do to Help Turn you On

sex drive

Erectile dysfunction can pose challenges to your sex life as well as to your self-esteem. Fortunately, there are still things your partner can do to help turn you on if you struggle to get or maintain an erection. By avoiding negative behaviors and engaging in behaviors that turn you on, your partner can help ensure … Read more

Periodontal maintenance

Periodontal Maintenance

How can I tell if my gums are healthy? Healthy gums are free of any infection. When your gums are healthy, they are firmly attached to your teeth by what is called the periodontal, ligament. The word periodontal literally means around the tooth. The periodontal, ligament attachment is strong and tight enough to prevent any … Read more

Prime Male review: does this supplement really work?

prime male

Prime Male is a supplement that uses natural substances to achieve its effects. The main aim of Prime Male is to revitalize and heighten testosterone. This comes with a multitude of other benefits that all serve as ways to replenish the male body of much-needed energy. It is said to facilitate muscle growth, energy, weight … Read more

Male Extra review: does this supplement really work?

male extra pills

Male Extra is a dietary supplement made by Wolfson Berg Limited that’s specifically designed to help enhance sexual performance in men. It is made from special natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to lessen the effects of secondary Erectile Dysfunction. Unlike other chemical pills that are taken before intercourse and last only for a … Read more

Coenzyme Q10 for gum disease

Coenzyme Q10

What is Coenzyme Q10? Coenzyme Q10 is a member of a family of naturally occurring substances known as quinones. Quinones are found everywhere in nature, as they are essential for generating energy in living things that use oxygen. Because quinones are widely distributed, or ubiquitous, in nature, some scientists refer to them as ubiquinones. The … Read more

PhenQ review: does this supplement really work?

phenq bottle

PhenQ is a dietary supplement that claims to work in such a way that it targets fat loss from many different angles. PhenQ ultimately boosts your metabolism while reducing cravings. That also means that your body will be in subtle “weight loss mode” 24/7 instead of only when you’re exercising and eating a caloric deficit. … Read more

Stages of gum disease

gum disease

What are the stages of gum disease and what are the symptoms of each stage? Gum disease, periodontal disease and periodontitis are one and the same. Dentists use the name periodontal disease for gum disease. The common form of chronic gum disease is traditionally divided up into four stages as it progresses, or perhaps, we … Read more

Healthy teeth and gums

Healthy Teeth and Gums

Do you want your teeth and gums to be healthy? While this may seem like a question with an obvious answer, for many readers, the response to the question may not be nearly as important as finding out how to actually attain a reasonable level of teeth and gum health. The issue of teeth and … Read more

Amalgam side effects

Amalgam side effects

Why do amalgam dental fillings have side effects? Amalgam dental fillings, often called “silver” dental fillings, have side effects primarily because they contain mercury. Mercury is the most toxic or poisonous, non radioactive substance on earth. It is more toxic than lead, cadmium, or arsenic. To find a substance more toxic than mercury, you have … Read more

Chronic gum disease

Chronic gum disease

What causes chronic periodontal disease and chronic gum disease? Chronic periodontal disease, chronic gum disease and periodontitis are three names for the same disease. Dentists are taught that gum disease is an infection caused by germs. One of the more prestigious dental schools in the United States, Columbia University College of Dental Medicine supports this … Read more