Vitamins for Healthy Gums
What are the specific vitamins needed for your gums?
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Your gums are part of your body and they need the same vitamins that your whole body
needs to remain healthy. Certain vitamins like vitamin D and K and C, and a vitamin
helper called
Coenzyme Q10 are essential for the health of all body tissues and organs,
including your gums. However, all vitamins play a role in supporting and maintaining
healthy gums, and they always perform their necessary functions best when they are
present together in their natural form as found in unprocessed foods. They work just as
well when they are concentrated in easy to take supplements made from these foods.   
Dr. Paul Gilbert
Dr. Paul Gilbert
The purpose of this page is to introduce you to the
benefits of using all natural, organic, whole food
supplements as a source of vitamins for gum disease
and for healthy gums.
Healthy Teeth 'n' Gums
How do I know when my gums are healthy?

In a healthy mouth, your gums are firmly attached to your teeth by what is called the
periodontal, ligament. Periodontal means around the tooth. The attachment is strong and
tight enough to prevent any germs or their toxins from getting through, and any body
fluids from getting out.  
You can usually recognize when you have a healthy gum
attachment because your gums will be pink, firm, and never bleed or hurt with
routine brushing, flossing, or when chewing food.

How will vitamins help my gums if they are already healthy?

Most people think of health as being the equivalent of absence of symptoms, or no
obvious disease. This is the traditional perception of health.

Here is a little story to demonstrate how true health is not the same as apparent health.
Have you ever heard of someone who went to the doctor for a physical examination, was
given a clean bill of health by the doctor, and then this person died from a heart attack on
the way home?  That has actually happened. Why?  Because many disease symptoms do
not become clinically noticeable, or may not even be able to be detected by a doctor until
the disease has advanced to a serious state.

Where do you think
you are health wise?  In our modern civilized culture, many people
are much closer to illness, than they are to a reasonable state of health. A good example
is a person who is told by their physician that they are pre-diabetic.
This means that
even if you don’t have any symptoms of disease and you think that you are
healthy, you may not really be very well.
Like the person in the little story above, you
may actually be quite sick, and not be aware of it.

So health is not just the absence of disease or symptoms. In fact, true wellness
only occurs when every cell in your body is in a state of optimal functioning.
Perfect health is only possible, when each cell of your body has been fed nutrients
derived exclusively from organic foods, every cell has been shielded from exposure to
artificial, synthetic, or chemical toxins, and each cell has been nurtured by the physiologic
benefit of adequate rest and exercise.
This applies as much to your gums as it does
to the rest of your body.

Can you now understand why outwardly healthy gums may not be so healthy? How would
you or your dentist know if your gums are really healthy or on the verge of becoming sick
with gum disease? Isn’t it better to minimize or avoid that possibility by improving your
current level of fitness, and consequently, the health of your gums? If you agree, then
keep reading and look at the unique advantages of doing this.

The closer you can get to a state of perfect health, the healthier your gums will
be and the lower will be your risk of ever having gum disease. At the same time,
the closer you can get to a state of perfect health, the more energy you will
have, the better you will feel, and the younger you will look.

Getting nearer to absolute health, with all its remarkable benefits, is challenging
in our toxic overloaded world.
One way to start accomplishing this is to include
vitamins from organic whole food supplements in your diet. Better yet,
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for a suggested dental health supplement program that is designed to
significantly enhance your well being and the health of your gums with specific
whole food supplements that are not only rich in vitamins, but also provide an
abundance of minerals, digestive enzymes, probiotics and the entire spectrum
of nutrients that your gums need, including
Coenzyme Q10, and the natural
forms of vitamins D and K.
What do you do if you are not sure if you have gum disease?

If you are not sure about the state of health of your gums, make an appointment with your
dentist and have your teeth and gums checked. Your dentist or hygienist are the only
people who are professionally trained to thoroughly inspect your teeth and gums, and
professionally clean your teeth. Only a dentist can recommend appropriate treatment for
your gums. Gum disease, or pyorrhea, as it was called in the past, is discussed
extensively on the
Chronic Gum Disease or Natural Remedies for Gingivitis pages
on this site. If your dentist is holistic, and you are told you need gum treatments for gum
disease, you are more likely to receive dental care that focuses on eliminating the germs
associated with gum infection by using all natural antimicrobial solutions to flush away the
plaque and germs under your gums, instead of concentrating on dental visits where your
teeth are typically scraped and cleaned. More importantly, your dentist will, in most
instances, treat you
without using antibiotics or resorting to gum surgery.

If you don’t have a biological or holistic dentist and you would like to find one, go to the
International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and click on the
“Find a Doctor” link on the home page. You can also look for a biological or holistic dentist
on the home page of the
Holistic Dental Association (HDA), or you can contact Dental
Amalgam Mercury Solutions (DAMS) for a referral.

No matter the current condition of your gums, you can enhance the state of health of your
gums with effective nutritional support.
Of course, you need to focus on building a
healthy body in order to create and maintain healthy gums. Isn’t that just plain
common sense? The easiest way you can do both is by taking the vitamins that
are part and parcel of organic, whole food sourced, all natural, immune
supporting supplements.
These completely natural remedies work for you by assisting,
supporting, and helping you to maintain a healthy strong immune system. In turn, this
allows your body to cope with disease, or lack of ease, which it literally means. The result
is that these all natural supplements promote the health of your gums by way of your
natural, innate ability to heal and renew yourself.

To find out how to choose the right kinds of vitamins and supplements for your
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How will vitamins help my gums if I already know I have gum disease?

The traditional explanation by dentists for gum disease is that your gums are infected.
This really means that your immune system isn’t getting the nutritional support it needs to
defend against invading germs, including the germs connected with gum disease. For
example, when gum disease is present, your gums are usually deficient in a special kind
of enzyme helper called
Coenzyme Q10. In addition, necessary vitamins, such as vitamin
K, enzymes, minerals, essential gut bacteria called probiotics, and a vast array of
indispensible micro nutrients, are frequently not present in your body in sufficient
concentrations to support healthy gum tissue, and promote strong, healthy bone under
your gums.

While it is extremely important to see a dentist for appropriate treatment to
control any infection in your gums, only you have the power to create the state
of enhanced health that will heal your gums and make them firm and pink again.

Do you want truly healthy firm, pink gums, and strong bone around your teeth? Then you
must provide your whole body, which naturally includes your gums and jaw bones, with all
the vitamins and nutrients needed to create a vibrant immune system and a state of
optimal health. This is particularly true because we all live in a toxic world loaded with
chemicals which we are constantly exposed to and we cannot avoid.
You must
completely compensate for all your nutritional deficiencies, whether you are
aware of them or not. Otherwise, your gum disease will be difficult to eliminate
and your gums will never be completely healthy.

So what nutritional action can you take if you already have gum disease and you
want to create healthy gums?

Ideally, you can make your immune system, your teeth and gums, and your whole body
strong and healthy just by taking these simple daily wellness supporting actions:

  • Follow a healthy life style by consuming the right kinds of foods and drinks,
    including fruits and vegetables and other foods that are organic, whole grain,
    unprocessed or raw, and contain no added sugars, chemicals or synthetic
    ingredients of any kind.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Avoid as many environmental toxins as possible.

This will create an internal, slightly alkaline, health promoting condition in your body and
make your immune system very strong.

Why do I still need to take vitamin rich natural supplements to support healthy

Are you sufficiently motivated to consistently apply the essential conditions for health just
described? If not, the quickest way to heal your gums and make them as healthy as
possible is to fully compensate for whatever elements of a healthy lifestyle you are
by simply adding vitamin rich organic and all natural whole food
supplements to your diet.

How can vitamin rich whole food supplements compensate for the missing  
elements of a healthy lifestyle?

The answer is fairly simple. The human body is a marvelously designed living organism
with the ability to grow, regulate, repair, and defend itself when given natural, high quality,
full spectrum nutrients, including all those vitamins found in natural and organically grown
In other words, a well nourished body is able to resist disease better than
a poorly fed body.  So, when you take all natural and organic whole food
supplements derived from all natural and organic foods, your body receives the
same nutritional nourishment and vitamins it would get from these foods.
result is healthier gums for you.

As an added benefit from taking these nutrient and vitamin rich supplements, you may
also discover you will:

  • look younger
  • live longer
  • feel a whole lot better

Are you concerned about the health of your gums? Would you like to personally
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Whatever health benefits you are seeking, you are invited to try these supplements now
and see for yourself how they can raise your confidence regarding the health of your
gums and the rest of your body.
 How much is that worth?

For information on all natural supplements to keep you and your gums healthy,
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Dr. Paul Gilbert

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