Dr. Paul Gilbert
    In addition to the actual drug itself, which often exerts undesirable toxic
    effects and undesirable side effects on your body, most prescription and
    non prescription drugs contain insulting ingredients that the
    pharmaceutical company calls “inactive”. Typically, these ingredients are
    added in the manufacturing process of making the capsules or to aid in the
    process of making the tablets. Synthetic dyes and colors are always added
    to provide memorable and easily recognized colors to the capsule or

    These ingredients are called inactive because they do not contribute to
    the desired pharmaceutical action. They are certainly active when they
    behave, as they often do, in a manner that is poisonous to your body.
Dr. Paul Gilbert
This is the third section of a three part series
intended to introduce you to the nutritional benefits
of consuming all natural, organic foods,
incorporating a diet based on these foods into your
lifestyle, and using all natural, organic, whole food
sourced supplements to help you keep your gums in
a healthy state.
Healthy Teeth 'n' Gums
Nutrition for Healthy Gums - Part 3  
Chemical and Environmental Insults
Would you like to have healthy gums?  
Would you like to maintain your gums in a healthy condition?
Would you like to improve the health of your gums?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are on the right page.

So what kind of nutrition, foods, and diet do I need for healthy gums?

If you want excellent health for your gums, you must understand and follow a simple
principle. This guiding principle will make it easy for you to know if you are using the right
kind of nutrition, foods and diet for your gums.
Although this three part article is
about your gums, everything that is discussed below applies as much to your
teeth as to your gums, because your gums and your teeth function together as
one organ or body part. Wherever gums are mentioned, your teeth are included.

So here is the principle:


Do you believe that your body is an integrated whole organism? If you answered
yes, then it follows that this principle applies to every part of your body, no
matter where the exposure occurs,
because your body is an interconnected
whole organism.

Since your gums are part of your body, the most effective and efficient way for
you to successfully treat and heal your sick gums, is
by healing your whole body.
And the only way to heal your whole body is by increasing your exposure to
complements and eliminating or reducing your exposure to insults
. If you do,
this will naturally create both a sound body and healthy gums.

n conclusion, if you want healthy gums, you must develop healthy habits that
make your whole body healthy. You can’t have one without the other!
There is
no other way. This is the essence of holistic, whole body, health.

This page does not specifically address the foods and diet that contribute to or hinder
healthy gums and teeth. That has been accomplished in
part one and part two of this
three part article. The purpose of the rest of this page of part three of nutrition, foods and
diet for healthy gums is to
introduce you to the environmental and chemical insults
that stop you from having healthy gums.

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complement your whole body health.

So what do I need to do to make my whole body healthy?

To make your whole body healthy you must reduce, or preferably avoid,
exposure to as many environmental toxins and poisons as possible.
There are
more than one hundred thousand chemicals currently being used in
manufacturing, and many of these chemicals eventually end up in the ground,
the drinking water, and eventually in the foods you eat. An excellent source for
more information is the website of the Environmental Working Group,

Below is an overview of environmental and non-food insults to your health, and
the health of your gums.
From this list you will discover many of the other insults,
besides those from food and diet, which you need to avoid if you really want to make your
whole body healthy.

It is anticipated that parts two and three of this series will make it easier to understand
how most people allow themselves to be constantly assaulted and overwhelmed by insults
to their health, until they succumb to disease.  It doesn’t have to be that way for you.
Achieving superb health simply requires a daily investment in complements, and
a constant vigil to avoid insults.

Start with just one or two items from this list of nasty insults to your health,
decrease or eliminate them, and then slowly make additional changes that will make your
lifestyle healthier.

Common sources of these toxins are:
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health of your entire body.
  • Cigarettes and cigarette smoke. Also snuff and the like. All contribute to
    people around the smoker. Smoking is an expensive habit and becoming

  • Other legal drugs, such as alcohol and caffeine. These “drugs” are
    included in this list because they exert a harmful effect on your body
    when used indiscriminately or in excess. The issue is one of health. No
    moralizing is intended here.

    No doubt, some people will even challenge the inclusion of caffeine.
    Caffeine has been listed because it has a drug like stimulant effect on
    people. Alcohol’s harmful health effects are well documented historically,
    scientifically, and from simple observation. Both drugs are addictive.     

  • Illicit drugs. Like the commonly used legal drugs, alcohol, nicotine and
    caffeine, they are all harmful in one way or another to your body. The short
    term buzz or high from the many illicit drugs being used may seem like a
    good thing. The long term damage to your health and body is usually
    devastating. If you are using them and you want to become healthier, you
    must stop using them and never start again.

By avoiding these insults to your well being, you will help create an internal, slightly
alkaline, health promoting environment in your body which will make your immune system
stronger and your gums healthier than they are now.

Is there anything else I can do besides avoiding the noxious insults described

For many people, consistently avoiding toxic chemicals and harmful microwave energy
may seem to be almost impossible. There is another solution. You can still protect
yourself by simply adding highly nutritious, whole food supplements to your diet.
special supplements enhance the health of your gums by strengthening your
immune system, boosting resistance to infection, encouraging re-growth of your
jaw bone, and promoting healing of your gums.
It’s a great solution for making your
gums as healthy as possible.

Dr. Gilbert’s writes about his personal experience with these highly nutritious all natural
whole food supplements on the
Home page of this website. He discovered that the
supplements helped him significantly improve his health. Naturally, that meant his gums
also stayed healthy. Dr. Gilbert would like to share his success with you.
The statements and information on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration
and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The body's ability and power to heal
depends upon the totality of diet, nutrition, lifestyle and environmental factors.  No claims for the cure of any
disease is intended, or implied.  Always consult a health care practitioner when dealing with disease states.   
  • Lotions or creams with chemical sun screen agents. If it gets on your skin,
    it gets into your body. Did you know that the chemicals found in most sun
    screen products are more likely to cause cancer than the radiation from
    the sun? The higher the protective factor (PF) number of the sun screen
    lotion or cream, the greater the concentration of chemicals. It’s not just
    the sun blocking chemicals that are harmful to you. It’s also all the other
    petroleum based chemicals that are use to formulate the lotion or cream.

    Furthermore, because chemical sun screen agents block the rays from the
    sun, they inhibit the natural process by which your body creates vitamin D,
    causing vitamin D deficiency. The end result is that you also may become
    more susceptible to colds, flu, and infection if you use sun screen or sun
    block products on your skin.

    When you must, or you want to be out in the sun for an extended time
    period, you can shield your skin against damaging sun radiation by
    applying a completely chemical free, all natural lotion which has both
    organic ingredients and ingredients with very high antioxidant properties.
    Isn’t that a more sensible and safer approach to skin protection?
    Are you concerned about getting an adequate amount of essential, natural
    vitamin D? You should be, because it is now known that Vitamin D plays a
    huge part in boosting your immune system. One way you can get your
    vitamin D is to expose your skin on a regular basis to overhead, direct
    sunshine. If you use the antioxidant rich skin lotion just described, it will
    protect your skin while still allowing your body to naturally create
    vitamin D.  Keep in mind that your time in the sun must still be short
    enough to prevent possible burning of your skin, unless you are dark
    skinned or already well tanned.

    Another excellent and easy way to insure that you are always getting an
    optimum supply of vitamin D is to simply take a unique adult stem cell
    supplement which is rich in natural vitamin D. With this supplement you
    can raise your vitamin D to protective levels, especially during  the cold
    weather seasons, when you are more likely to be covered up with clothing
Order a superb lotion which meets all these criteria from the same
company that provides the all natural, organic supplements that are
offered on this website. For a description of the all natural antioxidant
click here. To order the lotion, contact Dr. Gilbert.
    By now, the message should be clear. If you want to have a healthy body
    and healthy gums, don’t ever use any of the commonly available sun
    screen or sun block lotions and creams.

  • Antibacterial soaps. The antibacterial chemicals in these soaps are more
    dangerous than the germs they supposedly kill. Unfortunately you will find
    that many hand sanitizers contain chemical antibacterial agents, such as
    triclosan, that contribute to bacterial resistance and are harmful to your
    health. If you must use a hand sanitizer, make sure the only active
    ingredient is alcohol, because germs don’t become resistant to alcohol.

    Wash your hands regularly using plain soap and water. When you scrub
    your hands with ordinary soap, it will effectively get rid of most of the
    bacteria and viruses on your skin by suspending the germs in the soap
    you rinse off. If your immune system is strong enough, it should be able to
    fight off flu viruses and other germs, even if they enter your body, but
    washing your hands provides that extra barrier of protection.

  • Laundry products, household cleansers, soaps, and personal care
    products made with chemicals. Sodium laurel sulfate, parabens, toluene,
    naptha, xylene, formaldehyde, chloroform, camphor, fragrances, artificial
    colors etc. are just the tip of the chemical iceberg.

    For example, fabric softeners, in both liquids and dryer sheets, are
    particularly nasty for your health. These chemicals are designed strictly to
    remove static electricity from synthetic fabrics and to often deliver a
    chemical perfume to the clothing.

    When you wear or use anything that has been washed or dried with a
    fabric softener containing petroleum based chemicals, you are breathing
    in and coming in contact with chemicals that are linked with, or known to
    cause such illnesses as cancer, depression, respiratory problems,
    including pneumonia, anemia, and a host of chronic central nervous
    system disorders. They also damage critical organs. It all depends on the
    particular chemicals that are in the product or products you are using. If
    you feel you need proof, just read the fine print warnings on the package

    Safer alternatives for fabric softeners are available now. For example,
    rubber like dryer balls work extremely well, without using any chemicals.
and the sun is not high enough to produce much vitamin D. Click here to
read more about this unusual and highly protective supplement.
Completely discussing chemicals in laundry and personal care products
is beyond the scope of this article. An excellent website for more
information is the
Guide to Less Toxic Products by the Environmental
Health Association of Nova Scotia.

Personal care products made with natural ingredients are obviously much
safer for you and your family, especially if you have a baby or young
Click here for a description of an all natural hand and skin lotion
which has both organic ingredients and ingredients with very high
antioxidant properties. The lotion is made by the same company that
provides the all natural, organic supplements that are offered on this
website.  To order the lotion,
contact Dr. Gilbert.
  • Room deodorizers and air fresheners made with chemicals. Don’t ever use
    these products as they release deadly chemicals into the air in you entire
    home. The plug in electrical devices intensify the toxicity of the released
    chemical fragrances. If you can find all natural room deodorizers which use
    essential oils for the fragrances, use those instead.

    Discover the holistic solution for supporting the health of your whole
body by clicking here.
  • Aerosol propellants in spray cans. Typically, you can expect both the
    propellant and the substance being sprayed to be poisons if inhaled or if
    they get on your skin. Read the warnings and precautions on the can and
    follow the manufacturer’s safety advice. Wearing a face mask designed for
    chemicals or paints, is mandatory for protecting your health and safety.
    Ventilating the air in your surroundings is highly recommended.

  • Cell phone radiation. Cell phones are the next cigarettes! Scientific
    evidence, the passage of enough time, and common sense observation
    will eventually confirm this. The warnings about the dangers of the
    microwave energy used for cell phone voice and text or picture
    transmission are going largely unheeded by most people, because cell
    phones are so convenient and useful.

    The problem is not with the phones; it is with the microwave radiation they
    use.  When a cell phone is transmitting close to your head or body, it is
    exactly the same as sticking that part of your body into an operating
    microwave oven at a very low setting. Do you want proof? Have you ever
    held a transmitting cell phone to your ear for an hour or so and felt your
    head being warmed up?

    The danger of cell phones using microwave technology is very real, and
    may eventually lead to unnecessary and avoidable cancers of your brain,
    salivary glands and nerves near the ear used for the phone. The number
    of people with deadly gliomas (brain tumors), salivary gland tumors and
    acoustic neuromas is on the rise since the introduction of cell phones.
    When you use your cell phone near your head, you cannot feel the
    microwave radiation of a cell phone destroying some of your brain cells,
    because your brain does not have any pain receptor nerves in it.

    Keep the phone away from your head by using an appropriate device, or by
    text messaging, and never text message while driving. Except for a life
    threatening emergency, never let your child use a cell phone. Children are
    more sensitive to the cell phone radiation and their skulls are thinner than
    adults, allowing the radiation to penetrate deeper into their brain.

    As with all microwave radiation, the further away from the source you are
    (in this case the phone), the better it is for you. Avoid using your cell
    phone in areas where the transmission is weak because your cell phone
    will automatically compensate by sending out a stronger, higher energy

    When multiple cell phones are being used by different people who are
    near each other, it literally creates a “smog” of microwave energy that puts
    everyone, including those nearby, at increased exposure and risk of
    cancer. A great example is the rush for almost everyone to get on their cell
    phones as soon as their commercial airliner has landed.

    Turn your phone off as much as possible when you are not using it. If your
    cell phone is on while it is hanging on your belt or near your waist, you are
    still chronically exposing yourself and anyone around you to harmful
    microwave energy. Leaving your cell phone on while it is in your purse,
    hand bag, or back pack isn’t much better if you or others are nearby.

    Believe it or not, it is still possible to communicate with others without
    your cell phone being on all the time. Current cell phone technology is
    useful, but certainly not essential for humans to converse or connect with
    each other. Whether you are at work or at home, use a land phone as much
    as possible. The bottom line - schmoose or conduct business all you want;
    just don’t do it all on a cell phone.
  • Microwave energy from microwave cooking ovens. Be warned. If you insist
    on cooking food in a microwave oven, stay at least six to eight feet away
    from it while it is operating. Some of the microwave energy always leaks
    out from the oven while it is operating. The closer you are to the
    microwave oven while it is in use, the greater the risk to your health.
    Unfortunately, inexpensive testing devices are no longer available and
    you cannot check out how much microwave energy is leaking from your
    own microwave oven.

  • Fluoridated drinking water.
water, it is totally ineffective as a prevention tool for tooth decay, in spite
of false claims to the contrary made by the American Dental Association.
    The United States Department of environmental Protection has never
    established a safe level of fluoride in drinking water. Worse yet, the
    fluoride chemical use to fluoridate drinking water, a waste product of the
    phosphate fertilizer industry, is contaminated with other toxic substances
    and heavy metals. You can minimize your exposure to fluoride in your
    drinking water by installing a reverse osmosis water filter with its own
    convenient spigot.  

    Unfortunately, if you take a shower or bathe with fluoridated water, there is
    no practical way to avoid the fluoride in the water because it is absorbed
    through your skin into your body. In spite of the fact that it would eliminate
    fluoride exposure, discontinuing bathing is not recommended. The best
    solution is to move to a location where the drinking water is not artificially

  • Pots and pans with non-stick coatings. Non-stick coatings release
    poisonous chemicals containing fluoride (perfluorinated chemicals or
    PFC’s) when they are heated to high cooking temperatures and especially
    when accidently heated to higher than normal temperatures.

    Have you ever left non-stick cookware on a hot stove burner for too long
    before adding food? Have you ever burned food cooking in a pot or pan
    with a non-stick coating?  If you have, then you breathed in toxic chemical
    fumes from the non-stick coating.

    These chemicals have been linked to a number of serious illnesses,
    including cancers. There are a number of safer for your health cookware
    alternatives which you can use to replace your non-stick cookware. It is
    recommended that you use them instead.

    PFC’s are also found in cleaning and personal-care products like shampoo,
    dental floss, and denture cleaners.
  • Stain resistant carpeting, furniture upholstery and clothing, especially
    sports wear and clothing for outdoor use. If they are branded or marked as
    stain resistant, or water repellent, they most likely contain toxic, poisonous
    chemicals that are very similar to PFC’s. Like PFC’s, they are incredibly
    resistant to breakdown, and so they are very persistent in the
    environment. Even if their use were stopped now, they would remain in
    the environment for years.

    It is not clear exactly how humans are being exposed to these very stable,
    yet highly toxic chemicals. What is known is that these chemicals are
    showing up in water and soil throughout the world, and the air we breath,
    even in remote polar regions. Eventually, we are all becoming
    contaminated with them.

  • Flame retardant chemicals.  They are used in plastics, such as toys for
    children, carpets, paints, upholstery, clothing televisions, computers and
    household appliances. Virtually any consumer product that is subject to
    heat or is made of a combustible product like plastic is likely to have a
    flame retardant chemical in it.

    Flame retardants contained hazardous halogenated chemicals (organic
    chemicals with either fluorine, chlorine or bromine in them) similar to
    PCB's and Dioxins, two of the most toxic classes of chemicals known. In
    tests using animals, flame retardants have caused serious problems
    related to their toxicity, such as cancer and birth defects. It appears that
    the entire biological process of fertility and pregnancy is negatively
    affected. Flame retardant chemicals remain untested in humans because it
    is scientifically unethical and dangerous to test humans with such known
    poisonous substances.

  • Foods or drinks sold in plastic containers, or in cans with plastic liners.
    The plastic container or liner may contain the toxic chemical bisphenol A or
    BPA. Plastic containers with the number 7 recycling symbol are the most
    likely to contain bisphenol A, especially if they also have the letters “PC”,
    which stands for the hard plastic, polycarbonate. It’s best to assume that
    the plastic liners of metal cans always contain bisphenol A.

    Bisphenol A has been around for a long time. It was first manufactured in
    1891, and since 1963 has been classified by the Food and Drug
    Administration (FDA) as an indirect food additive. This means that it is
    categorized by the Food and Drug Administration as GRAS or “generally
    regarded as safe". This also means that BPA is currently not subject to
    review and oversight by the FDA.

    By now it has been scientifically established that plastic containers or
    metal can liners with bisphenol A always leach estrogen (female hormone)
    like substances, which then migrate into the foods or drinks in the
    containers. The leaching effect is increased if a food is heated or
    microwaved in a plastic container. In either case, you end up consuming
    the chemicals in the plastic container or liner!

    One unhealthy result of the huge increase in the consumption of foods
    and drinks in plastic containers is the premature puberty seen in many pre-
    teenage girls, and the advanced puberty in female teenagers. It has
    become so common that it almost seems to be normal.

    There is also evidence that exposure of a female fetus to bisphenol A will
    later contribute to the development of breast cancer. Pregnant women,
    nursing women, and women who are feeding their babies infant formulas
    or baby foods, can protect the health of their children by avoiding foods or
    drinks in plastic containers, or in cans with plastic liners. In spite of the
    risk associated with breakage, glass containers are much safer.
  • Most Cosmetics. Virtually all cosmetics contain a host of toxic chemicals,
    including the PFC’s mentioned above, as well as synthetic colors and dyes
    which are adsorbed through your skin and into your body when you apply
    the cosmetics.

    Ironically, many consumers believe the U.S. government regulates the
    cosmetics industry the same way it regulates food and drugs sold in this
    country to make sure they are safe. It just isn’t so!

    Unfortunately, the agency charged with oversight of cosmetics, the Food
    and Drug Administration (FDA), has no authority to require safety
    assessments of cosmetic products before they go to market, as it does
    with drugs. The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t review, nor does it
    have the authority to regulate, what goes into cosmetics before they are
    sold by salons and stores for consumer use. So cosmetics are among the
    least regulated products on the market today. In fact, almost ninety
    percent of all ingredients in cosmetics have not been evaluated for safety.
    The long term risks to your health are largely unknown and most likely
    include cancers.

  • Prescription and non prescription drugs. Conventional medications of any
    kind, whether over-the-counter or doctor prescribed, are all harmful in
    one way or another to your body. Drugs are not, and never will be, the
    solution to ill health. If you want to know how health really works, read the
    first part of this page again. When you need medical care, find a holistic
    doctor who uses only natural medications. The website of the
vapor is tasteless, odorless and invisible, so you cannot normally tell
where it is. For a short video demonstration of usually invisible mercury
vapor, using a special technique to make it visible,
click here to see the
College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) has a find a doctor feature
on the home page.
Dr. Paul Gilbert
  • Dental tooth sealants. Dental sealants are an often overlooked source of
    exposure to the harmful chemical bisphenol A, also known as BPA. Most
    dental sealants contain detectable amounts of BPA. If you or your child are
    going to get dental sealants, ask your dentist or hygienist to wipe off the
    sealant with a gauze pad after it has been placed, so as to remove as much
    of the BPA on the surface of the sealant as possible. Better yet, don’t allow
    any sealants to be put on your teeth or your child’s teeth. Dental sealants,
    in spite of what you may have been told, do very little to stop cavities, and
    sometimes even hide tooth decay under them.
Smoking Teeth video on the website of the International Academy of
Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT).
  • Mercury vapor from
amalgam dental fillings. Highly toxic mercury
Fluoride is an effective rat poison. In drinking

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