Becoming a dentist:

A good education was very important to both my parents. Both my parent’s influence
expressed itself when I decided to enter dental school, and become a dentist, just like my
dad. I’m sure my parents were quite proud of me when I graduated in 1962 from a very
prestigious Thomas W. Evans Museum and Dental Institute, at the University of
Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia.

I started seeing patients as a dentist in the fall of 1962. I had a very traditional dental
practice in a residential suburban neighborhood. Just as I had been taught in dental
school, I used mercury containing silver fillings for the first part of my dental career.

Moving away from mainstream dentistry:

By the late 1970’s, I was beginning to understand how anything that gets into the human
body has either a negative or a positive impact on your health, just as Carlton Fredericks
had said years earlier. My thinking became totally holistic, and I decided to completely
burn my traditional dental bridges. I stopped using mercury-silver dental fillings, and
threw away everything connected with these filings. In my head and my heart, I had
become a biological dentist, and I started practicing with that in mind for everything I did
for patients. Fortunately, by then, much safer, non-metal, tooth colored dental materials
had been developed. These became my daily alternative to mercury fillings.

Not using dental fillings with mercury was definitely a milestone in my growing passion for
nutrition and health. I was beginning to practice what would eventually become known as
biological dentistry. At the time, I didn’t realize how far from mainstream dentistry I had

That didn’t deter me. My passion for nutrition and health fully blossomed. I developed a
growing interest in natural approaches to improving health, not just for the whole body,
but specifically for the mouth, and the teeth and gums that are so much a part of it.

My problem with kidney stones:

By the early 1980’s, in spite of a determined effort to remain healthy, I was beginning to
experience the pain of kidney stones. I had already learned that mercury exposure, even
in very small amounts, could eventually make you sick and destroy your health. I
wondered if this unexpected health problem might be in some way connected with
mercury. I was puzzled because I was taking vitamins every day and I had already
stopped using mercury fillings.  

One answer came from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology,
which I joined in 1985. While attending meetings and listening to lectures, I discovered
that I was still being exposed to mercury. Although I had not been using mercury fillings
for a long time, I was taking them out if patient’s asked me to remove them from their
teeth. I didn’t realize that taking out mercury fillings from my patients’ teeth exposed me to
as much mercury as putting them in.

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology eventually developed
techniques for safely removing mercury fillings from patients, but that wasn’t until the last
few years of my dental career.

No more plain old vitamins for me:

The other answer, a holistic solution to my nagging health problem with kidney stones,
came unexpectedly. In 1994, while on vacation with my wife and still searching for a way
to put a stop to the kidney stones, I was introduced to a small food supplement company
with a rather remarkable philosophy. This company believed that the level of health of
your entire body is intimately connected to the quality of the foods you eat. They backed
up that philosophy with a remarkable line of pure, clean super food supplements derived
from natural and organically grown nutrient rich foods.

I wondered if these supplements might help with my kidney stones. Although a bit
skeptical, I thought I would give them a try. I figured, had nothing to lose. This is what
happened to me after I started using them:

  • My first realization that these supplements were special was when I began to
    experience a noticeable increase in energy, especially in the afternoon.

  • Then I became aware of sleeping better, with dreams in vivid color.

  • When the company made digestive supplements available, I added them to my
    diet. That pretty much put an end to an embarrassing digestive problem I suffered
    with since I was a teenager.                 

  • I had a lower back tooth with a cavity. Sometimes dentists get cavities. My dentist
    said I should have a root canal because the tooth hurt at times. I believed the
    nerve would heal once the cavity was cleaned out and a new crown was placed on
    my tooth. After I got the new crown, my tooth healed without ever having a root

  • Later I became aware of the fact that I was almost never sick. I rarely experienced
    a cold. I have never had the flu. I have never been given a flu vaccine.

  • I did have one front tooth with a root canal that was
    done many years ago when I was still in dental
    school. Although it was comfortable most of the time,
    I knew that it was always a source of germs that my
    body had to constantly fight off. I finally had the
    tooth removed several years ago. The dentist who
    removed my tooth said he typically sees bone loss
    in other patients in the same situation. Much to his
    surprise, there wasn’t any in my mouth. He was so
    impressed he asked the other dentist in the office to
    look where my tooth had been a few moments before.

  • I had an implant placed so I wouldn’t show a missing tooth when I smiled.
    Sometimes implants don’t take, especially if the jaw bone is unhealthy or if some of
    some of the bone is missing. I already knew my jaw bone had to be extremely
    healthy and none was missing. It was a no-brainer my implant would take. It did.  

  • My gums are always healthy. They are pink and never bleed. My teeth are just as
    tight in my jaws as they were when I was younger.  Frankly, I’m glad I’ll never know
    how many dental treatments these wonderful supplements helped me avoid.   

  • Oh, about those kidney stones. The symptoms just slowly vanished.

How could all this have happened?  For me there is only one answer. Even though I
thought I had been eating well,
the supplements clearly provided badly needed
nourishment that I wasn’t getting before
, allowing my body to regenerate and heal.
It’s really that simple.

These powerful super food products provided me with missing nutrients essential to
regaining my health. First, they supplied critical nutrients I absolutely needed to cleanse
my body of years of accumulated toxic substances. Second, they provided my body with
vital nutrients that allowed my body to regenerate and heal.

Even the digestive supplements contribute to the same end result. They free up energy
that normally would be use for digestion, allowing your body to utilize the energy for
regeneration and healing.

Helping you the same way I was helped:

Although I am now fully retired from active dental practice, I am in a unique position to be
your dental adviser-counselor and put you on the path to dental health. I say that with
absolute confidence because of my many years of experience as a holistic dentist and a
user of these special whole food supplements.

The health giving benefits of these natural food supplements extend to every
part of your body, including your teeth and gums
. The nutritional support they
provide may make all the difference in how successful you will be resolving
your current dental trouble, whatever it is, and how effectively you will be able
to prevent future dental problems. Pretty good odds considering the
supplements are safe and there are no side effects.    

If it weren’t for this natural health food I found years ago, I wouldn’t have the healthy
teeth and gums I still enjoy today. The supplements worked for me. Why wouldn’t they
work for you?

The company that provides the supplements offers a no questions asked, 90 day money
back guarantee. That’s because they are confident you won’t be disappointed. I feel the
same way.  

Let me help you. Allow me be your personal health counselor and share the information
that led to my dental health successes. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain –
perhaps even avoiding painful and costly dental treatment.

All you have to do is e-mail me or call 732-329-8713 Monday through Friday between
10 am and 6 pm Eastern Time for my
free, no obligation nutritional consultation.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to offer my experience and service to you.

Dr. Paul Gilbert
Hello, I’m Dr. Paul Gilbert. This is how my life changed
from traditional dentist to holistic dentist to
dentist counseling people how nutrition is the key to
gaining control of their dental health.

Childhood inspiration from my mother and father:

My mother was a big influence on my passion for nutrition
and dental health long before I ever considered dentistry as
a career. In the days before television became common, my
mother would turn on the radio to listen to a gentleman
named Carlton Fredericks. I remember she sat glued in front
of the kitchen radio, listening to everything he was saying.
Years later, I discovered that he was a pioneer nutritionist
who firmly believed that food is your best medicine. I became
an avid fan, just like my mother had been, listening to Carlton
Fredricks on the radio say that he could help people with
common ailments, such as arthritis, just by changing what
they were eating. This was in the nineteen seventies, when
such ideas were still considered blasphemy by the American
Medical Association.  
Healthy Teeth 'n' Gums
Holistic Dentistry
Dr. Paul Gilbert
Why I Became a Holistic Dentist
My father also influenced me in the way of a more traditional medical model, because he
was a dentist, practicing in a dental office which was part of my home. I grew up quite
literally in a dental office, unknowingly exposing myself to unhealthy concentrations of
very toxic mercury vapor from all the silver filling material my father used for patients.
Sometimes I played with the mercury, which was readily available in the office. Years later
I discovered how mercury toxic I had become.
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