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Dr. Paul Gilbert
Dr. Paul Gilbert
The purpose of this website title page is to show you
how all natural, organic whole food supplements are an
essential key for energizing your entire body while, at
the same time, enhancing, supporting, and stimulating
the health of your teeth and gums.
Healthy Teeth 'n' Gums
Healthy Teeth and Gums
Teeth and Gum Health
Dr. Paul Gilbert
Do you want your teeth and gums to be healthy?

While this may seem like a question with an obvious answer, for many readers, the
response to the question may not be nearly as important as finding out how to actually
attain a reasonable level of teeth and gum health.

The issue of teeth and gum health probably frustrates many, if not most people. It’s a
fairly safe assumption that most people would like to have healthy teeth and gums.
Perhaps they suspect healthy teeth and gums would eliminate unsightly bleeding gums,
breath becoming a thing of the past, banished forever. Does this sound like you?

Would having healthy teeth and gums give you the confidence you could visit your dentist
and expect to find out
you don’t need any dental treatment?  How would that feel?
Wouldn’t that be nice?

So, for those of you who do want healthy teeth and gums, here is the next big question.  

How do I go about accomplishing this?

By the way, if you don’t really care about your teeth and gums, or this discussion of being
able to have healthy teeth and gums seems like wishful thinking to you, stick around
anyway. You just might find something worth taking home.

You could start on your path to teeth and gum health by going to your local dentist.
the plus side, your dentist is the only person who is professionally trained to
properly inspect your teeth and gums, and recommend appropriate treatment for
your teeth and gums.
Your dentist is the only one who can provide you with this

If you have done your homework, such as by reading the
Resources page on this
website, and have been able to locate a biological or holistic dentist, then you are more
likely to find a dentist who will safely remove your old mercury containing fillings and
replace them with much safer, natural looking biocompatible materials. You are more likely
to receive nutritional advice that will help you to understand how you can make yourself
more resistant to the two common dental infections,
tooth decay and gum disease. And
you are much less likely to be offered
root canal treatments or fluoride treatments.     

On the other hand, there is a distinct downside to visiting your dentist, and it’s not
necessarily the actual cost. The risk to you comes from the hidden cost of the disease
model that traditional dentists are taught.

According to the conventional disease model, you are not responsible for your
illnesses. You are helplessly attacked by diseases. Curing your diseases is
Treatment that will rapidly modify, reduce or eliminate one or more symptoms
is the goal.

For the medical profession, treatment is usually drugs, sometimes dressed up as
“medicines”. For traditional dentists, care is often in the form of filling and caps, with
materials that are always touted as being harmless. That is simply not true.
All the
metals used by dentists for fillings and caps are toxic.
Some are more toxic than
drugs!  At least most physicians are honest about the nature of the drugs they prescribe.

So when you see your dentist, you will most likely be assaulted by deadly poisons and
toxins such as mercury and fluoride, not to mention a host of other dental treatments and
materials that are unsavory for your health and well being. You may not have realized that
the warning, "Consumer Beware” applies as much to traditional dentistry as it does to the
vast array of retail services and products offered today, especially with their seductive,
often misleading, inducements to buy.

What can I do to protect myself?

Many of the articles on this website were written with the specific purpose of helping you
become more knowledgeable about dental treatment, offered by traditional dentists.
Especially the risks.
You are urged to read as much as you can on this website.
Once you do, you will be armed with the knowledge and ammunition you need to
become a truly informed consumer.
You will be able to ask your dentist pointed,
probing questions about fillings, root canals, gum treatment, fluoride, and nutrition, as
they pertain to your whole body and not just your mouth — questions we hope you realize
need to be answered,
before deciding whether or not to go ahead with recommended
dental treatment.  

For a description of a full spectrum nutritional program for healthy teeth and
please click here.  

My goal is to have teeth and gums that are healthy. Besides going to my dentist,
is there anything else I can do?

The answer to this question is a resounding “yes”.

If that is the case, I need help, because my dentist never told me anything else could be
done. Before describing what else can be done, you need to understand how health really

How does the health of my teeth and gums actually work?

First, you need to understand that germs alone don't "cause" infectious
diseases in your mouth or anywhere else in your body. Only conventional
physicians and dentists believe this nonsense!
If germs could do this all by
themselves, then everyone who came into contact with a disease "causing" germ would
become sick with the disease "caused" by that particular germ. Since some germs are
killers, the human race couldn’t survive for long if all it takes is contact with germs.

The reason that germs aren’t the real cause of infectious diseases is primarily
because we all have an immune system to protect us from germs.
However, there
is a catch. The catch is that you are completely responsible for the condition of your
entire immune system. You are the sole gate keeper of your whole immune system. You
have total control over the health of your immune system. You create it to be strong and
effective, or weak and useless. Therefore, you are ultimately the keeper - or loser - of
your health.       

The simple truth is, every single one of us either prevents or earns our particular
disease(s) based on how we live, how we treat our bodies, and what we choose
to allow into our bodies. Health is an inside job.
That's what this whole website is

Now let’s dig deeper into how the health of your teeth and gums really works.   

The dental profession, like the medical profession, seems to have lost its way in its
understanding of health, because of its focus and training on disease. Diseases come in
all sorts of sizes and shapes, often affecting only certain parts of your body. At least that’s
how it first looks. So most dentists have come to the erroneous conclusion that it’s
possible to somehow successfully treat your teeth and gums,
while ignoring the rest of
your body

Do dentists understand that the mouth and the rest of the body are connected in some
way? One would think so. After all, dentists are now taught that certain systemic diseases
produce symptoms in the gums, and conversely, tooth decay or gum disease may have a
negative impact beyond the mouth.

Unfortunately, conventional dentists seem to be only interested in a mouth to body
connection if it can somehow be spun in a way that enhances the probability you will
accept recommended treatment.

If that seems like a harsh indictment, how else can you explain that treating your gums is
being promoted as a way to lower your risk of heart disease, in spite of meager scientific
evidence to support this connection? How else do you reconcile the dental professions
blatant disregard of years, and volumes, of scientific research that show a strong
connection between the toxic effects of mercury implanted in your teeth within inches of
your brain, and the rest of your body? If you want to learn more on this subject,

Getting back on track, what traditional dentists are
not taught is that the same principle of
your whole body being connected, when applied to health, which is the opposite of
disease, is just as true.
This means when a state of health exists throughout your
whole body it always extends to your teeth and gums, revealing itself as
“symptoms of health” in your teeth and gums. It also means that true health
cannot exist in one part of your body while other areas are sick.
What are these "symptoms of health" in your teeth and gums?

  • Your teeth will be strong and comfortable all the time, with no decay or cavities.
  • Ideally, you won’t have any teeth with root canals and any teeth with fillings or
    caps (crowns).
  • Your gums will be pink and firm with no evidence of any infected gum pockets or
    loss of underlying bone.
  • Your gums will never bleed and never hurt with routine brushing, flossing, or when
    chewing food.
  • Wouldn’t that be nice to experience?

What else doesn’t my dentist know about health?

In all likelihood, your dentist never learned that health is more than just the
absence of disease or symptoms.
Most dentists hold the widespread perception that
health is at best, the same as lack of symptoms. So do many other people. Do you?

Consider this. Is a person healthy in the days or moments before they experience a fatal
heart attack, or a stroke, or the pain of a growing tumor, or become aware of their
hidden diabetes? They had no symptoms previously. They were totally unaware of an
impending health disaster. Yet they had to be already sick.

If anything can be learned from this, it’s that the opposite is often true.
Absence of
symptoms may actually be the equivalent of disease.

So there obviously has to be
more to health than just the absence of symptoms.

It is also likely that your dentist was never informed that health is unambiguous
and absolute.
What does that mean? It means that, unlike diseases, which can manifest
in many ways,
health is always the same in every person.

The process of getting to this state of health is called healing or curing. Drugs aren’t
needed. As a matter of fact, drugs interfere with the whole miracle of healing. That’s why
drugs have led present day medical care down the road to failure.

When a state of health exists, your body regulates and maintains all its
functions exactly where they are supposed to be.
Your body is quite capable of
regulating and maintaining all its functions exactly where they are intended to be. This
even includes your weight.

True wellness only occurs when every cell in your body is in a state of optimal
functioning. Health occurs when all your bodily functions are humming along at
their ideal levels.
This is how health really works. Perfect health is only possible,
when each cell of your body has been fed nutrients derived exclusively from organic
foods, every cell has been shielded from exposure to artificial, synthetic, or chemical
toxins, and each cell has been nurtured by the physiologic benefit of adequate rest and

You will know when your body is truly healthy, because you will literally feel the
energy and see the youthfulness and vitality you are manifesting.

Click here for the suggested teeth and gum health dental program
recommended on this website.

The closer you can get to a state of perfect health, the healthier your teeth
and gums will be and the lower will be your risk of ever having tooth decay,
cavities, or  gum disease. At the same time, the closer you can get to a state of
perfect health, the more energy you will have, the better you will feel, and the
younger you will look.

Now do you understand why your dentist never told you anything else could be
Does it shock and disappoint you that most dentists never tell you anything else
can be done for your teeth and gums beyond routine dental care because they weren’t
taught anything else. Or worse yet,
they simply don’t believe in any other ways,
even if they have heard of them

So if your goal is to have teeth and gums that are healthy, stay where you are
and continue reading, because you are on the right path to that goal.

Your ability to create and maintain teeth and gum health is a direct reflection of
what you put in your body, including what you eat and drink.
 Your entire body,
including your immune system, is made directly from the foods you consume. Your
immune system is your body’s organ system that acts as the barrier to germs constantly
trying to enter your body and set up home and shop.
So the foods you eat actually
determine whether you create a
germ inviting, slightly acidic cellular
environment, or a
germ inhibiting, slightly alkaline body environment. The
foods you eat play a major role in controlling whether you will, or will not, have
healthy teeth and gums.

It is the quality of these foods and drinks that matters — are they organic, all
natural and partly raw, or do they contain artificial and processed ingredients.
foods contribute to an alkaline body. Artificial ingredients in processed foods
make your body acidic.
Not only that, you increase your susceptibility to germs when
you unwittingly or carelessly expose yourself to environmental toxins, which are
essentially cellular poisons. A poisoned immune system is a weakened immune system
that can be readily overwhelmed by disease provoking germs, like the kinds of germs
seen in cavities, or in unhealthy gums with gum disease.

If you want more information on this subject, please go to
Nutrition for Healthy Gums
part 1, Nutrition for healthy Gums part 2, or Nutrition for Healthy Gums part 3.

Why is it so important to know all this?

It is important to know because you can compensate for the inadequacies in
your present diet by including
supplements that are made from natural and
organically grown nutrient dense raw foods.
Supplements like these
accomplish the same things for your body as the natural and organically grown
foods from which they are derived, providing they are carefully made and still
contain the full spectrum of live and active nutrients from their original food
source — nutrients that everyone needs to be healthy and thrive.

In simpler terms, by adding these special supplements to your diet, even if your
diet contains processed and non organic foods,
you are creating the near
equivalent of eating a diet that is mostly raw, organic and all natural. Please
don’t underestimate the significance of this statement!

Even if you do nothing else that is healthy except to consume these unique
kinds of supplements, you will still be on the road to healthy teeth and gums.
is very important you understand that taking supplements from natural and
organically grown foods always puts you on the path that leads to the ultimate
goal of teeth and gum health.

Read about full spectrum supplements that meet all these criteria by clicking
here right now!

Dr. Gilbert describes his personal experience with these unique supplements on the
Home or About Me pages.

Take advantage of Dr. Gilbert’s offer of a
free, no obligation nutritional consultation
and talk to him about these remarkable supplements.
E-mail Dr. Gilbert or call 732-329-
between 9 AM and 8 PM Eastern Time.  

So remember, if your goal is to have healthy teeth and gums, the
holistic solutions are
on this website. Follow them and you will be on your way to:

  • Teeth that are strong and comfortable all the time, with no decay or
    cavities. Ideally, you won’t have any teeth with root canals and any teeth with
    fillings or caps (crowns).

  • Gums that are pink and firm.  Your gums will never bleed and never hurt when  
    brushing, flossing, or chewing food.

Let Dr. Gilbert be your nutritional counselor and show you how to avoid costly and
uncomfortable dental treatment.
E-mail Dr. Gilbert, or call him Monday through Friday
732-329-8713 between 10 am and 6 pm Eastern Time, for a free nutritional

Now you know what to do. What are you waiting for?

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